My Experience Visit KCC ( Korean Cultural Centre / 한국 문화원 ) Jakarta ~ 130906 and 130915

Posted: September 19, 2013 in my korean notes

Friday, September 6th 2013, me and my friend ( Aninda Nabilah ) went to the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Indonesia. Its located in Equity Tower 17th Fl, SCBD Lot 9, Jl. Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta 12190, about 500 m from Gelora Bung Karno’s busway stop. KCC spread in many country in the world, not only in Indonesia but also in many country in Asia, Europe, Middle East and America. The purpose of KCC is to introduce Korean culture in that county through Korea’s traditional culture and popular culture (K-pop, K-drama, K-movie). In my opinion, KCC is very suitable place to visit especially for those of you who love korean culture so much. Well, to enter the building, you must submit identification card ( ID card / student card ) to the receptionist. If you do not carry the card, you will not be allowed enter the building. After that, we can go to the various rooms there. The first room that I entered was a hall (한인 실 Multifuction Hall ). There was a mini stage there, the officer have prepared some hanbok that allowed be used by the visitors. Anyway..I got information about the event from KCC’s facebook page. Trying hanbok session is KCC routine agenda, 2 times in one month (the second week and the fourth week every month). Me and my friend trying these hanbok then take many pictures around the area. There’s also many visitors that doing the same way, its look fun and I really enjoy these moment. I love Korean Culture so much, include Korean traditional costume (hanbok). There are 6 Korean main culture (hanstyle)~ Hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume, Hanji (Korean traditional Paper), Hangeul (Korean Alphabet), Hanok (Korean Traditional House), Hansik (Korean Traditional Food) and Hanguk Eumag (Korean Traditional Music). We can learn about hanstyle here too ^^. There are many beautiful secenery ini the room so we can take many picture with beautiful background J

After got many photos, I moved into the second room (Culture 문화 정부 실 Information Room) which consists of two rooms, named IT Show Room (Multimedia Room) and ( 집현전 도소 관 ~ Jib Hyeon Jeon aka Library). At IT Show Room, we can use computers that available throughout the room. There was a screen that displays many Korea’s channel, Kpop Music Video and more. The next room is libraries. In my opinion the library is not very big but quite complete. There were  many books that related to Korean in many genres such as Korean Politics, Science, Religy, Culture, Social, Literature, Language, and more. In addition, there are collection of Korean dramas like Jewel In The Palace, Full House and others. Beside K-drama, there are DVD music collections (K-pop Album) and Korean Film as well, like 2NE1, Big Bang, MBLAQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ, BEAST, many more. If you want to borrow the collection books and dvds, you must be the member of KCC. The requires is paying the registration fee and fill out the member’s form. After become member, you could borrow up to 5 books/DVD for 10 days and can be extetended once again. Library operating hours is from Monday to Friday (9 am to 5 pm) and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm only. There are many interesting book there, I read two books titled “Hallyu”  and “Korean Wave” because I like Kpop so much, I like K-pop Boyband named EXO so much (you can guess itu just by read my blog’s name J). If you have leisure time, visit KCC is a good idea..we can learn about Korea culture and get many information about Korean culture both traditional culture and modern culture. There are several rooms like classes for Korean language learning and seminar, consist of 4 rooms named 세종 실 (Sejong Room), 훈민 실 (HunMin Room), 정음 실 (JeongEum Room), and학일 실 (HagIl Room).

The second time I visited KCC is September, 15th 2013. I read the information from KCC Facebook page that there are Exhibition Contemporary Arts start from September 19th until 17th  2013. Because I am curious about Korean Contemporary Art and basicly I love art so I decide to visit KCC again by myself.

In KCC, there are many Korean trinkets arts like Korean traditional wallets, small sculptures, carvings small mask, and urns. Everything is arranged neatly on shelves near the receptionist KCC. To more information, you can open the KCC’s website at, follow KCC’s twitter , like Page KCC in,  and send an email to :

I hope someday I can visit KCC again with you guys.. we can learning Korean Culture together there.. ^^

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  1. hana zivana berkata:

    jadi pengen ke KCC…

  2. […] My Experience Visit KCC ( Korean Cultural Centre / 한국 문화원 ) Jakarta ~ 130906 and 130915 September 19, 2013 […]

  3. renren berkata:

    ka, itu buka tiap hari kan ya KCC nya? oya, biaya masuknya brapa ya? heheheh

  4. riyuni berkata:

    kalo yang pake hanbok itu ada jadwalnya atau tiap saat bisa foto pake hanbok? trims :3

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