Tribute for Baekhyun Birthday, May 6th 2014 (Just Another Cassiopeia From EXO Planet)

Posted: Mei 5, 2014 in About EXO M & EXO K

-Thank you for being born in this world, Byun Baek Hyun…-

When You Smile, Sun Shine..

Fact about Baekhyun from his friends:

1. Baekhyun is cheerful boy and brings so much laughter to his friends during school days. *Baekhyun was a huge crack when he was younger, the kind who enlivens the atmosphere. The god of comedy/funny. A random day in junior high he would blow into a rubber glove and wear in on his head like a chicken’s comb and walking everywhere. He is really a kid that cheerful and brings so much laughter to his friends and has sense of joy*

  1. Baekhyun is magnanimous boy and don’t take joke seriously. *Friends who are closer with Baekhyun used to call him constipation (변비 in korean)  because of his surname but he accepted it happily*
  2. Baekhyun good at studying. *Baekhyun was really good at studying,
    like the kind who does well at whatever he does, and has a good character, he is
    a student like that*

4. Baekhyun sing really well when he was in Junior High School. *In junior high there was a time he sang a duet with his friend at the school festival he became popular within his juniors*

5. Baekhyun is amiable and nice to everybody. *He often get into conversations with kids who are always alone, and slowly and eventually they got close. He was friends with all types of people, even the really quiet kids in our class. He is always so nice to everybody and he has enough earnestness and sincerity, a kid with good manners*.

6. Baekhyun is kind heart person. *This is one of Baekhyun’s Cyworld post in 2005. Title: “The cat is sick.” Content: “Our apartment is on the seventh floor. It was a stray cat, so I don’t know if the cleaning lady hit the cat or something. But when I took it to a clinic, they said that the area near its hip area was injured. ㅠㅠ Whenever it pees, it bleeds too. Please tell me how much it costs to have it go through surgery…The clinic says it costs over $300…ㅠㅠ I need a reply fast. Please…ㅠㅠ.*




I don’t have anything precious as present for your birthday, but I will write a simple poetry to you.

Four Season

I didn’t really know about four seasons, until I know you

They said spring sunshine is warm, but I can felt warmt in your single smile

Ah..this feeling is about spring.

They said breeze shore is refreshing, but I can felt freshness in your presence

Ah..this feeling is about summer.

They said falling maple leaves are gentle, but I can felt gentleness in your action

Ah..this feeling is about autumn

They said snow flowers is beautiful , but I felt beautiful spirit in your heart too

Ah..this feeling is about winter

Thank you for being born in this world, who indirectly teach me the feeling about four season.


*Actually I am not Baekhyun bias but I like whole EXO member. I just made this article to express my thank to Baekhyun who has making world more shine with his presence. I know a lot of Baekhyun fans in SNS especially my friends in facebook. I felt like Baekhyun is precious idol for them and inspiring them to faced world happily like him. I felt he is precious idol and inspiring idol with his kind manner. I hope Baekhyun will always healthy and can show us his best. I hope Baekhyun fans stay healthy too and can follow Baekhyun’s good attitude as role model. Baekhyun is good boy when he studied in high school. I hope Baekhyun’s fans will be good boy/girl too and always share happiness to people around them. Baekhyun is boy who cant let outsiders in his class stay alone so please act like Baekhyun guys. Every people in your class is your precious friends so don’t let them go down and cheers them. Don’t let them feeling lonely and feeling like outsiders. Grab them and ask to join in your activity. He/she will thank to you for that. Your School days will gonna be bright. Kindness will repay with kindness too and people with good heart are the ultimate winner so be good boy/good girl like our Baekhyun^^. Insha Allah world will more precious and beautiful since smile spread everywhere. No outsiders again, no bullying again. We are friends. Always believe that my friends and me is precious so I will not hurt them and we will happy together, forever ^^

Happy Birthday Uri Baekhyun ^^


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  1. zholalaworld berkata:


    Umur boleh nambah tapi imutnya tetep, kayak bocah. . hahaha…

  2. Nia Solihat berkata:

    Woaahh,,,seneng banget ad special part di moment Ultah ny Baekhyun,,he he maklum nge fans sma BaekHyun,,.. ◠‿◠
    Sbelum jd fans EXO udah punya gmbar2 EXO khususnya foto Baekhyun di bandara hasil jepretan Fans EXO, fotonya bagus banget mnurut sya, adem, baekhyunnya imut bangeettt sampe2 di jadiin wallpaper di binder padahal gk tau juga Baekhyun itu yg mana, siapa, gimana,.eh jadi juga nge bias dia di EXO,,,.. ♥ε♥
    Baekhyun-ah Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da! Best wishes on your birthday. You deserve a special one….^◡^
    Happyヾ(゚∇゚)ノBirthday baby byun ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪:

  3. nillaChan berkata:

    love you my brother..

  4. daisyorange berkata:

    makasih ma org tua yg dah punya anak kyak baekhyun

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