Bomi Of Apink Shows Her Taekwondo Skill At “Cool Kiz on The Block”

Posted: Desember 22, 2014 in K-POP News

Bomi of Apink revealed that she used to be gold medalist of Taekwondo since middle school. She started to learn Taekwondo since kindergarten and got her first medal in her middle school. She got bronze medal at first but after that she’s never lost gold medal. She became one of the K-Pop idol who participate in KBS Programm “Cool Kiz on The Block” on “The Last Taekwondo story” episode (140502) together with Hoya of Infinite and Feeldog of Big Star. She defeated her rival, singer Kim YeonWoo with 13-7 although the winner of the episode is other team. Cool Kiz is KBS pogramm that shows a lot of sport battle among idols in football, basketball, taekwondo, badminton ect. Kang Hodong is the MC, along with other former member such as Julien and John Park.

Bomi known by her cute personality in the variety show field. The fact that she’s capable in taekwondo field too is little surprising. She’s in charge as cutest member of the team who easily makes “aegyo” and confident with her cuteness act. She takes part on variety show “Weekly Idol (MBC)” together with Ilhoon of BtoB. In Weekly Idol, she bravely shows such comical character like perform “gorilla dance” despite her pretty looks. She’s cute and easy going.

Now Bomi and all of Apink member promote Apink’s new album with title song “LUV”. Along with her cute and pretty looks, she’s also a skilled women with her amazing Taekwondo skill. Are you one of Bomi’s fan? Or slowly loving her and want to know her more? Keep on eye for Uri Bomi ^^.(lindashin303)

Cool Kiz on the Block  우리동네 예체능 - The Last Taekwondo story (2014.05.02).mp4_001320752 Cool Kiz on the Block  우리동네 예체능 - The Last Taekwondo story (2014.05.02).mp4_001568800


Video: KBS Cool Kiz on the Block  우리동네 예체능 – The Last Taekwondo story (2014.05.02) & SBS Runningman episode 202-203

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