Roy Kim Surprising Audience with His Achievement Report and Easy Going Personality

Posted: Desember 22, 2014 in K-POP News

Roy Kim attended Mama Mia Pogramm on KBS (130519) with his beautiful mother. Mama Mia is Korean variety show that discuss everything about Mama and her son/daughter. Roy Kim surprised the audience as soon as entering the studio since his mom is very beautiful. The MCs said that Roy Kim’s mom looks like movie actress. Like mother like son, both of them has amazing looks. Another surprising things happen later when MC revealed Roy’s achievement record to the audience. Since lower grade school, Roy got numerous of award such as in English speech, piano competition, singing competition even math Olympiads. He totally into study since childhood. Her mom used to guide him to study like a teacher. Roy’s Mom wanted Roy Kim become a doctor but Roy wrote in his report that he want to be comedian instead, brings laughter to audience. “my role model (of comedian) was Shim HyeongRae”, said Roy. He even did example of gags to prove that.

Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia - 맘마미아 - Episode 3 (2013.05.19)_2.mp4_000787286

Mamma Mia - Mamma Mia - 맘마미아 - Episode 3 (2013.05.19)_2.mp4_002888151

Roy Kim (Kim Sang Woo) is easy going person, just like her mom. He revealed his mom character who doesn’t really care about outfit at home despite looks like she is. Roy took part in 1Night 2Days (KBS) with her best friend, Jung JoonYoung on October 2014. The mission is Jung JoonYoung must take one of his friend to Silmido to do healing activity. Roy didn’t know before, he just weared white t-shirt, black short pants and slight cardigan while JoonYoung calling him to meet up in front of his house. He then agreed to go with such outfit. Since in Super Star K, he known as simple/humble guy eventhough his father is a CEO.

2 Days _ 1 Night - Season 3 - Struggling Friend Note Part 1 141030.mp4_001184383

2 Days _ 1 Night - Season 3 - Struggling Friend Note Part 1 141030.mp4_001187553

2 Days _ 1 Night - Season 3 - Struggling Friend Note Part 1 141030.mp4_001188587

Roy Kim was contestant of Super Star K-Pop (Mnet) and debuted with song title “Spring Spring Spring/Bom Bom Bom” in 2013. Now he is collage student in Georgetown University. Roy revealed that he couldn’t abandon his passion about music eventhough always walking in academic path. He made his comeback this year by new album “HOME”. Roy also known as singer songwriter who made his own music. His genre is folkrock and Damien Rice is his favorit singer.

Are you one of Royals (Roy Kim’s fansclub name)? Or attract to him because of “hunman” looks and such amazing personality? Yes, he is a guy with amazing achievement report, amazing music skill and complete with simple & cute personality ^^. (lindashin303)


Vodeo: KBS – Mamma Mia – Mamma Mia – 맘마미아 – Episode 3 (2013.05.19) & KBS – 2 Days _ 1 Night – Season 3 – Struggling Friend Note Part 1 141030

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