Donghyuk and B.I (Hanbin) shows Their Cleverness During Quiz Battle in WIN

Posted: Desember 23, 2014 in K-POP News

There’s an unreleased episode in WIN where 6 member of B Team and A Team (TaeHyun and MINO) joined a quiz to get a chocolate as prize. DongHyuk who used to be student council president in elementary showed her cleverness by guest several question from staffs accurately. He becomes B Team’s brain since know about a lot of common sense matter. Kim HanBin (B.I) then asked the staff to change the subject with history and he success got a chocolate by answering 3 question correctly. One of the member, YunHyung acknowledged Hanbin as smart guy because he won. Hanbin seems great at history subject, probably he’s rapper so he’s familiar with memorizing things. A Team and B Team often played together in several games during WIN, such as chicken fight, consonant quiz, dodgeball with paper ball ect.

ENG SUB 130920 WIN Who Is Next Unreleased Clip Team B Quiz Battle.MP4_000043676

ENG SUB 130920 WIN Who Is Next Unreleased Clip Team B Quiz Battle.MP4_000118118

Both A Team and B Team showed their familism through WIN. They did fierce battle to debut but showed a lot of caring and friendship among them during the battle. Their outstanding skill and brotherhood relation obtained great love by many fans around the world and wanted both of them to debut.

Not only at answering history question, Hanbin (B.I) got many appreciate from fans since he has composing music skill in his very young age. He even gave a song to their brother who debuted first (WINNER). The song tittled “Empty”, composed by him and P.K. The song even got first place in several music program in Korea. WINNER got several award in category “Best New Artist” too as soon as they debuted. YG Entertainment has many potential idols with great skill as singer songwriter. Both of WINNER and iKON, they started make their own music since trainee periode. (lindashin303)


Video: ENG SUB 130920 WIN Who Is Next Unreleased Clip Team B Quiz Battle (subbed by WINNER subbing team/YG Princes Forum) & YG ([ WIN – WHO IS NEXT ] episode 2_ team A 와 team B 본격적인 대결의 시작!)

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