Heo Jun MADTOWN reveals that He Is Close With TaeHyun WINNER

Posted: Desember 23, 2014 in K-POP News

Heo Jun of MADTOWN revealed on OBS MP3 (Music Playlist III) interview that he’s close with Taehyun of WINNER. Every member of MADTOWN asked about how they end up being MADTOWN member. They told their story before debuted. Heo Jun said that he attended Hanlim Arts High School back then and the rest of member suddenly curious if Heo Jun has celebrity friend since many idol of K-Pop attends Hanlim too. He actually shy to say about that but eventually he said did training together with TaeHyun of WINNER in high school days. Jota, one of the member asked Heo Jun to send video message for TaeHyun. He said “I didn’t know you would be this successful, its great to see you doing well. In the future I hope you will continue to show your good side. Fighting!”, wrapped by applause from others member.

[ENG SUB] MADTOWN OBS Music_Movie Interview part 2.mp4_000331197

Heo Jun chose acting major and has great interest about modern dance since high school. He attended J-Tune audition, passed and trained for 2 years until debuted as MADTOWN. TaeHyun attended YG audition, passed and trained since 2011. TaeHyun together with MINO, SeungHoon, SeungYoon and JinWoo as A Team did fierce battle in WIN (Who Is Next) with B Team. They won and debuted as WINNER. B Team will debute as iKON in early 2015.

J-Tune Entertainment released their new boygrup named MADTOWN, debuted on 9 October 2014. MADTOWN debuted 2 months later then WINNER from YG Entertainment that debuted first on 21 August 2014. Both of them are rookie group in K-Pop Music Industry. MADTOWN debuted with title song “YOLO” and WINNER with title song “EMPTY”. Both of them performed hip hop genre. (lindashin303).


Video: [ENG SUB] MADTOWN OBS Music_Movie Interview part 2 (subbed by thepuddang) & YG ([ WIN – WHO IS NEXT ] episode 2_ team A 와 team B 본격적인 대결의 시작!)

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