UNIQ Shows Their Various Talent in Idol School

Posted: Desember 25, 2014 in K-POP News

Rookie idol from YueHua Entertainment, UNIQ appeared in “Idol School” (141202). UNIQ consist of three Chinese member and two Korean member. In the introducting segment, MC Jun HyunMoo asked a Chinese member, YiBo to perform some Chinese rapping but he used Korean and the lyric are wrong. When he did second chance, he suddenly confused about Mandarin too, made his nationality be questionable and brought laughter. The leader, Sung Joo explained that YiBo has been using many Korean language these day so he little bit confuse in Mandarin now. Another Chinese member, Wen Han brought laughter too since claimed he is “ssangnamja” in this goup. He showed his arm muscle as proof.

Sojin - Idol School 141202 Part 1-4.mp4_000361840

Sojin - Idol School 141202 Part 1-4.mp4_000402320

The leader, Sung Joo and chinese member Zhou Yi Xuan showed some martial arts movement wrapped by applause from others group. The leader performanced martial arts movement by stick and Yi Xuan did some of taichi movement since he is a taichi master. The cutest member, Seung Youn revealed that he speak 4 language, they are Portuguese, English, Chinese and Korean. “I was a football athlete in Brazil, I studied the language there. Although I was an athlete, now I am a singer” said him in Portuguese.

Sojin - Idol School 141202 Part 2-4.mp4_000499400 Sojin - Idol School 141202 Part 2-4.mp4_000528560

Sojin - Idol School 141202 Part 2-4.mp4_000562080

UNIQ is new boygroup under the same company with NUEST M, After School and Hangeng. They made their debuted with title song “Falling In Love” composed by Hyuk Shin, Jordan Kyle, DK and YoonJi Lee. Hyuk Shin (Joombas music) is songwriter from very popular song “Growl” of EXO too. UNIQ promoting both in Korea and China market.

Idol School itself is MBC programm that invite rookie idol group to promote themselves together with their manager. They did several games in order to get  some previlages while performing in the ultimate stages of the programm. The MC is Jun HyunMoo, Kim YeonWoo and SoJin of Girls Day (lindashin303).


Video: Idol School 141202 (MBC)

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